Hi, I'm Liz – a designer and occasional developer 👋

With experience across UX and engineering, I've helped teams with everything from user research and strategy to front-end builds and prototyping.

Currently UX lead at Micropsi Industries (opens in a new tab), where we're building an AI tool which helps robots solve complex automation tasks.

Previously product design at IDAGIO, a classical music streaming service. We were featured on TIME magazine's 100 Best Inventions of 2019 (opens in a new tab), and described as "life-changing" by Vogue (opens in a new tab) – while several features I led design on were praised by the New Yorker (opens in a new tab).

I graduated from Oxford University with a master’s degree in music composition, where I wrote a symphony and a string quartet. I started programming by using MAX/MSP to augment my compositons.

For 2 years, I worked in political consulting around the Ontario legislature.

Based in Berlin. Previously Toronto, London, and Dublin.

© Liz Mowforth